Thursday 20 May 2010

Tour Day 1/2 - Manchester/Camden

Our Euro Tour with Landlocked kicked off today in Manchester.
It was an awesome way to start the tour with a great turn out and sweet party afterwards.

Every band that played were sweet. Debts set the bar high, opening up with a good solid set and Burn Alaska followed it up with one of thier usual tight, high ebergy performances. Love those dudes!

Bays and Landlocked killed it too. Intense sets from both of them. Landlocked played a cover of "Rain City" which was pretty sweet... if a little surprising! haha.

After the show we all headed back to MPs for the customary "Start Of Tour Party"! The party was awesome and only Nate actually got to bed! There was plenty of singing and dancing to Sisqo amongst others right through until we had to set off for Camden the next morning!

I had a total of about half an hours kip before i had to jump in the driving seat for the 4 hour trek down to Camden. It was hard but we made it here safely and chilled out by wandering around the canels and millions of quirky markets... Not to sure what to make of Camden, it's like and even more bohemian, pretentious paradise than the Northern Quarter!

Just sat waiting for doors to open for tonights show. Really looking forward to seeing The Cold Harbour tonight. Gutted that our boys in The Rivercard had to pull out but we will see those dudes on Monday in Stoke!

Keep your eyes peeled for more photos and stories fron the road!


Wednesday 12 May 2010

The best times of our lives are here...

Sorry for the major lack of an update for 6 months! We've been working really hard planning and getting ready for our summer tour. And after all these months it's finally here!

We will be hitting the road around Europe with the absolutley incredible Landlocked from Kansas City, Missouri. These guys are one of the most intense live acts you will ever see. They are going to blow up real soon and its an absolute priveledge to share a van and tour the continent with those guys for the best part of three weeks. Check them out at .

Joining us on the UK dates of the tour will be our good friends in Bays so come check those out too!

We will be keeping the blog up to date a lot more from now on so keep checking back for photos and stories of our travels across Europe!

All We Have xx

Wednesday 18 November 2009

Monday 26 October 2009

Out with the old, in with the new...

So there has been a change in the All We Have camp since we last posted. Unfortunately our close friend and bass player Cal has left the band. We all support his decision and wish him luck with anything he persues in the future. I'm sure you'll see him around in bands again soon, and no doubt they will be fast and loud.
We had a year of awesome times with Cal and he will surely be missed by us all.

With the departure of Cal we welcome the arrival of Parky (Michael Parkinson to his mother) onto bass duties. He's a good friend of ours, an awesome guy and a great bass player so we're stoked to have him on bored. His first show with us will eb the Ruiner show at Satans Hollow in December, so if you could all come and show him your support that would be awesome.

Other exciting news is that we have started writing and demo recording material for our new CD. We really stoked on how it's sounding so far. There a few differences from what could be heard on "Rain City" but it still has that AWH vibe. It's sounding more mature and a little bit darker. Watch this space for updates and demo uploads :) A new track may also make it into our live set for the Dead Swans/The Carrier show in January, so get down to hear it first!
We'll be back soon with more news and some exciting announcements.

Thursday 8 October 2009


they are ill!

Friday 2 October 2009

Ruiner in Manchester

we're playing alongside Runiner @ Satan's Hollow, Manchester on the 7th Dec
full support / flyer / details to be posted ASAP, watch this space