Monday, 26 October 2009

Out with the old, in with the new...

So there has been a change in the All We Have camp since we last posted. Unfortunately our close friend and bass player Cal has left the band. We all support his decision and wish him luck with anything he persues in the future. I'm sure you'll see him around in bands again soon, and no doubt they will be fast and loud.
We had a year of awesome times with Cal and he will surely be missed by us all.

With the departure of Cal we welcome the arrival of Parky (Michael Parkinson to his mother) onto bass duties. He's a good friend of ours, an awesome guy and a great bass player so we're stoked to have him on bored. His first show with us will eb the Ruiner show at Satans Hollow in December, so if you could all come and show him your support that would be awesome.

Other exciting news is that we have started writing and demo recording material for our new CD. We really stoked on how it's sounding so far. There a few differences from what could be heard on "Rain City" but it still has that AWH vibe. It's sounding more mature and a little bit darker. Watch this space for updates and demo uploads :) A new track may also make it into our live set for the Dead Swans/The Carrier show in January, so get down to hear it first!
We'll be back soon with more news and some exciting announcements.

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