Thursday, 20 May 2010

Tour Day 1/2 - Manchester/Camden

Our Euro Tour with Landlocked kicked off today in Manchester.
It was an awesome way to start the tour with a great turn out and sweet party afterwards.

Every band that played were sweet. Debts set the bar high, opening up with a good solid set and Burn Alaska followed it up with one of thier usual tight, high ebergy performances. Love those dudes!

Bays and Landlocked killed it too. Intense sets from both of them. Landlocked played a cover of "Rain City" which was pretty sweet... if a little surprising! haha.

After the show we all headed back to MPs for the customary "Start Of Tour Party"! The party was awesome and only Nate actually got to bed! There was plenty of singing and dancing to Sisqo amongst others right through until we had to set off for Camden the next morning!

I had a total of about half an hours kip before i had to jump in the driving seat for the 4 hour trek down to Camden. It was hard but we made it here safely and chilled out by wandering around the canels and millions of quirky markets... Not to sure what to make of Camden, it's like and even more bohemian, pretentious paradise than the Northern Quarter!

Just sat waiting for doors to open for tonights show. Really looking forward to seeing The Cold Harbour tonight. Gutted that our boys in The Rivercard had to pull out but we will see those dudes on Monday in Stoke!

Keep your eyes peeled for more photos and stories fron the road!


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