Thursday, 19 February 2009


We’re heading to the rehearsal rooms tonight to add the finishing touches for our debut EP, “Rain City”

I imagine that we’ll get there late(ish) go to the chippy, get some canned sugary goodness from Jonny Dick-fingers (he’s the dude who works in the shop next to the chippy, the dude has the longest fingers I’ve ever seen!) get some cash, get back, eat, play some songs, chat shite, quote lines from movies, play some songs, Cal will break some equipment, we’ll fix Cal’s mess, play some more songs, complain that we’re tied (well, I will cos I’m lazy) then we’ll have to load the equipment into our new rent-a-van because Phil and I will be hitting the Studio tomorrow with Mr Jonny Renshaw (Devil Sold His Soul) I’m extremely excited! We’ll be tracking the guitars and the drums first. We’re setting off at stupid’ o’clock Friday morning and we’ll be there until Monday evening.

Thanks to all the people who have been supporting the band even though we’re only just starting out, we’re sorry to keep you all waiting with the EP but It’ll be totally worth it once it drops. Trrruuusst!

We’ve finally been added to a show! we’ll playing at Satan’s Hollow in Manchester (where Phil drunkenly moshes to Slipknot then falls on his arse, only to keep moshing when people are trying to help him up) It’ll be on Thursday May 21st, I’ve heard that More Than Life and Hammers will be playing. This show will RULE! I’ve also heard that it’s in the new room (I’m not sure where it’s located), not on the dance floor, so that will certainly be interesting. As this will probably be our first show, we’ll have some surprises in store for y’all.

We’ll be armed with a laptop during our trip down to Tetbury so we’ll be posting some photos and keeping this blog updated. I decided to make us a blogger account so that we can keep you all updated and also so that Ric can get some sweet sweet emo-poon.

Also, Nate and I DJ in Jilly’s Rockworld, Oxford Road, Manchester every Saturday night from 10pm-3am, you’ll be able to find us in the ‘Fishbowl’ room playing the finest Pop-Punk, Skate Punk, Ska, Hardcore, Emo, some Pop, some Hip-Hop, basically just great music to dance to. As I’ll be away this Sat, Nate will be going solo, so make sure that you go along and invade his dance floor. Saturday 28th February, we’ll be DJ’ing after the Rollo Tomassi / Fucked Up / Bronx show, so head along to Jilly’s after the show. Shameless self-promotion


p.s if Paramore were a hardcore band, they'd be All We Have

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