Friday, 20 February 2009

Studio Day 1

After an awakening shower and hearty meat filled barm, Me and Alex headed off to Tetbury for the first day of tracking for our debut EP "Rain City".
Armed with a bottle of Lilt, a hardcore playist and a bag of ASDA's own "Rosey Apples" we made two and a half hour journey down to the Gloucestershire countryside:

We got to Tetbury around 10:30 and had made enough time to call of at Tesco for the days supplies; Grapes, Donuts and Frubes are the order of the day. On to the studio we went! We arrive, say hello, make our introductions and duck as Jonnys dog Robbie grabs about 15ft of air off a ledge with a primary landing target of Heffs face. We load in, set up and it's time to go.

We spend the first hour or so trying to get a good sound from Alex's floor tom, we give up and resort to using a floor tom that has been sat covered in dust in the corner of the studio for months as it ounded better than the one we had brought with us... not the best start to the day. All problems set aside we got to work, under the watchful eye of Captain Underpants, creating the click tracks that would be the mortar that holds our creative bricks together. Click tracks done, it's time to track!Heffs first attempt at playing to a click went... well, it could have been better. But he soon got the hang of it and we flew through "Bones". One track down, four to go. Unfortunatley we don't have any pictures of Alex tracking, but we do have plenty of me laying down a guide guitar track so you'll have to make do with that for now:

Alex flys through his beats for "Rain City" and Walk Away" before taking some time out to eat an apple. After a rough start to the day things had really picked up and we we're well ahead of schedule.

Last job of the day would be to track "Words That Fall Unbroken", a few difficulties with the final section are soon overcome and our days work is done!
With a stop off at Tescos (again) for some much needed sustainance, we head back to Jonnys gaff in Bristol for evening of Bottom, futurama and Family Guy. It's cool to catch up with my long time friend Tom (Jonnys brother) and have a beer or two and a catch up on old times.

Off to bed we go, "Dreamer" tomorrow for Alex, then it's time to track some guitar.
We'll be back soon, keep checking in.

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