Tuesday, 24 March 2009

AWH Terror Alert

Well... not quite but nearly!Read on and i'll explain.I'm working in London this week, and seems as today was a nice day i decided to leave work a bit early and wander around our countrys capital sight seeing a sticker bombing.Combining the two nearly got me into a hell of a lot of trouble!Whilst at the residance of our great queen a cheekily decided to throw an "All We Have - Rain City Hardcore" sticker on her front gates...I had a look around, no cops, security, furry headed guards in sight. This is going to be easy i thought. I peeled the back of the sticker and started to raise my arm to the gate. My hand had got no closer to than 20cm to the gate before an officer of the law grabbed my arm and dragged me away.He then spent around 10 mins lecturing my on how i was about to deface and vandalise property of her majesty the queen and that i could be in very serious trouble. Using my northern charm i managed to get away without being arrested but not before the cuntstable confiscated "the rest" of my stickers.I say "the rest" as he just took the 3 or 4 in my hand and didn' even check my bag for the other 50 or 60! His loss was the City of Londons gain and i preceded to hammer the city.From tube stations, to shops and historical landmarks, nowhere was left unturned!Look out for the stickers and appreciate my task.I nearly got trialed for treason and terror crimes for the cause!On another note, the EP is very nearly finished! STOKED!We should have the mastered tracks back from Sir Renshaw by the end of this week and hopefully a few new tracks online to wet your whistle!We'll be on the road all over the country very soon. can't wait to see you all at shows.

Phil AWH xo

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