Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Update 31.03.09

So . . . we got the fully mastered ‘Rain City’ tracks back from My Jonny Renshaw . . . the songs sound heavy as hell! I’m so proud that we’ve produced such a high-quality record (biased? hmmmm) Thanks for all of the attention, kinds words and comments etc.

You can find 3 of the tracks online here

All the tracks from the EP are streaming on Last.FM

We will be getting the CDs pressed very soon, it will be released sometime in May, ltd to 500 copies. It will be accompanied by some sweet merch and package deals. We’ll be setting up a BigCartel account and selling the CDs/Merch online. It’ll also be available digitally through iTunes/Amazon/Napster etc, for all your damn kids with your technology and junk…

We’ve got some awesome shows coming up, check our MySpace page for all of the info
We’ll be embarking on our first tour in August with Wait In Vain + Outrage, stoked on it!

The show that we are playing at The Music Box in Manchester with Have Heart, Shipwreck, Rise & Fall
You can pick up tickets from the following link…

We are still hungry for shows…
If anyone could hook us up, please get in contact via the MySpace page


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