Thursday, 26 March 2009

Big up Grandad Vernon

My grandad Maurice is a legend!
He's gotta be the oldest Hardcore fan on the planet. He asks me everyday about how the band is going and listened to "Bones" constantly. He's always asking when we're going to play his village so he cancome and see us.
Now you might think all grandads are like that and he's just taking a common interest in his grandsons activities... oh no!

This is a 73 year old who genuinley loves hardcore.
When touring with Last Chance To Dance, he came along to help out with driving. We played in Lowestoft with a bunch of hardcore bands and Maurice was beating down to Special Move! In his own special grandad beatdown way, but he was beating down none the less.

Can't wait for him to be down the front of an All We Have show showing these crazy young scenesters of today how they two stepped back in the 1950's.

Give this guy big ups and Kudos!


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